2018 Speaker Series: David Swenson

David F. Swensen is an American investor, Entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has been the chief investment officer at Yale University since 1985.

Swensen is responsible for managing and investing Yale’s endowment assets and investment funds, which total $25.4 billion as of September 2016. He invented The Yale Model with Dean Takahashi, an application of the modern portfolio theory commonly known in the investing world as the “Endowment Model.” His investing philosophy has been dubbed the “Swensen Approach ” and is unique in that it stresses allocation of capital in Treasury inflation protection securities, government bonds, real estate funds, emerging market stocks, domestic stocks, and developing world international equities.

His investment success with the Yale Endowment has attracted the notice of Wall Street portfolio managers and other universities. Investment heads from universities such as Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Wesleyan, and the University of Pennsylvania have adopted his allocation strategies to mixed success. In 1985, AUM was less than $1 Bn. Today it stands at $27 Bn. We super excited to welcome Mr. Swensen to Trinity College Dublin. You do not want to miss this event.