About SMF

The Trinity Student Managed Fund (Trinity SMF) was founded in November 2010 and currently has a membership base of over 1,600 students. The Trinity SMF set a precedent in Europe as the first student managed fund established in the region. Our members represent some of the most talented and ambitious students within Trinity College Dublin, and indeed Ireland. The primary goal of the Fund is to create an unparalleled and self-sustaining resource for the educational development of Trinity undergraduates within a professional governance structure, bestowing upon them experience in equity analysis, investing and risk management. 

Operating a real-life financial portfolio under the guidance of industry experts, the Trinity SMF is a non-remunerated organisation managed by students, with an additional mandate to invest in our wider community through donating a proportion of profits to the Trinity Access Programme.

Trinity SMF recognises the importance of appropriate corporate governance through the appointment of a Board of Directors and an Expert Advisory Board, both of whom work closely with the Executive Committee. The organisational structure operates as a pure meritocracy with clear incentives for performance. The Chief Investment Officer oversees the work of 13 Sector Managers, each appointed to run a team of up to 25 committed analysts in their given sector. These Sector Managers work at length over the summer familiarizing themselves with their particular sector and ultimately producing an introductory report for new analysts